Thursday, December 20, 2012

Holy Van Noy

Let me start with some important audio that just changed BYU history:

First of all, I love the line - SACRIFICE YOUR BODIES! (coaches love to say that.. when its not their bodies)

Secondly, this was absolutely how this game played out and Van Noy is now the Waterboy of BYU football.

That could have been the ugliest first three quarters of a BYU bowl game in history. Not one offensive touchdown. Sucher turns to me and plays the clip above on his iPhone and the words never seemed so true. QBs throwing picks like drunken sailors and a non-existent running game. Someone on defense would have to score a touchdown for us to win the game. Shortly after playing this now legendary clip, Kyle Van Noy exploded with a forced fumble and recovery for a touchdown and a pick-6 a few minutes later.

How sad is a bowl game when one defensive player scores more points that both offenses combined? BYU wins with no passing TDs? Not the Cougars of old.

With the Mayan Apocalypse looming large tomorrow, this game could mean two things:
  1. Despite BYU playing fantastically bad, the Lord will not allow his team to lose before the end of the world. If he can do it for Tebow, he can do it for BYU. They simply can't go out losers. 
  2. A BYU team with an utterly pathetic offense and dominating defense must be a sign of the Apocalypse.
Well, here's to hoping we fire Doman, recruit a real QB and keep our new found defensive prowess.


Cougar Abogado said...

I love the audio and your introductory analysis. My innards were certainly squirming, during the first 2.5 quarters, at least.

I sure hope KVN "takes one for the team" and stays on, next year. Austin Collie, anyone? . . .

Regarding the apocalypse, maybe our defeating the Aztecs negates that outcome (besides, a kid said, in his missionary farewell talk, on Sunday, the Mayans left out leap years, so by their calendar, the world would be over last June).

I'm struggling to disagree with #2.

Why sack Doman? How many teams can fire on all or close to all cylinders when they're sporting their #3 QB? (The memories of my freshman season when we broke the scoring streak, via something like our fourth string QB, 0-3 to the beloved Utes still haunts me to this day.)

If we can get the O-line to run block, I am sick dizzles excited to see 17-year-old Jamaal Williams break out, over the next few years.

As the victorious Crimson Tiders said (from their much more exciting game v. Georgia), I just want to savor the moment and enjoy this.

Fletch said...

Savor away, but we don't seem to be recruiting or developing QBs like we used to.

I saw several plays where its like Doman thinks he's still in the game. There was an option pitch that had NO ONE fooled.

As much as I'd like to see KVY stick around, his draft stock has never been higher and he is going to enter the draft and make his money. But I'll quietly hope for the best.

Cougar Abogado said...

"I have as much right to prowl this school after dark as you do!" "Prowl away."

I seem to remember the option play . . . I wonder how much of that was desperation, as opposed to methodical play calling.

I can certainly see your point on KVN. I'll keep my arms folded and fingers crossed.